Thursday, December 17, 2009

Up in the Air


I found this movie to be pleasantly surprising. I'm not a huge fan of George Clooney in general but I really enjoyed his performance in this movie. This movie has been talked about a lot recently, some calling it the best movie of 09... I think that's too bold but I did enjoy it.

This book turned movie is about a guy who's job is to be hired by other corporations to come in and fire their employees. Albeit a sad idea, it gives this guy something to look forward to, hitting 10 million miles flown. He happens to meet a woman who also flies a lot for her job... but here's the kicker, that little thing called telecommuting starts to take over his world. A fresh face new hire has come up with a sure fire way, (get it) to fire people over the internet.
The story has a good amount of laughs, makes you feel down right sad, and a little dirty.
With the inclusion of Danny McBride, you know things will be alright.

I'd say this is a good movie to go see.




I expected this movie to be super intense and I was sadly disappointed. Now I understand that movies about war are suppose to be very depressing and this surely did that, but it was predictable..

We've got high school sweethearts who are married and have 2 kids, he's the perfect son and she's the beautiful wife. He's leaving for another tour of Iraq and just before he leaves his delinquent older brother gets out of jail. It's the classic story of their father holding a grudge against the rebellious son who tried to rob a bank and holds his other son who is following in his footsteps in very high regard. Some obvious tension there. Good son leaves, is MIA in Iraq and labeled as dead, the marines (I think thats them) tell the wife and family that he's been killed. The "shitty" brother starts stepping up to the plate and helping around the house. this is a red flag, we all know what's coming... lonely housewife, missing her husband, obviously starts to fall for his brother.
Well guess what, the husband comes home after some fucked up time in Iraq, and has lost his mind.

I felt as though this movie had a good story, but took a long time to get to the intense moment between brothers and then abruptly ended.

I didn't hate it, and I didn't love it. I'd say it was decent.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Road


This movie isn't something you want to see if you're looking for a light hearted comedy or an action packed adventure movie. But, it should be something you see.

I tried to read the book and had a hard time getting through the first few chapters so I cannot say how accurate the movie is, but I will tell you that this movie is dense, thick, hard hitting... etc.

What happens when the apocalypse comes and your significant other doesn't want to live? do you stay with your child while your other half gives up? Well that's what Viggo Mortensen did. He fought for not only his life but his son's life. They scavenged for food and saw a lot of dead people. Although there were a few times I jumped, I wouldn't classify this movie as a thriller.
There are some very touching father/son moments, but definitely not the kind that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, more the kind that makes you want to reach out to your father and tell him you'd steal food for him too.

Although I really liked this movie, I don't think this is something I would need to see again.


The Blind Side



My mom and I saw this movie and boy was I impressed. I figured this movie was going to be sort of a flop and bomb at the box office, especially since it was up against New Moon. But this movie, like the story itself, prevails.

A true story about NFL player, Michael Oher, he comes from the wrong side of the tracks... his moms is on whatever drug she can pick up and he's 15 sleeping on couches. Around thanksgiving he's seen walking in the pouring rain in a tshirt and shorts. A family sees him roaming in the rain and brings him into their home. The help him get his grades up so he can start playing football. He obviously makes it, because it's a true story, and if you follow the NFL, you know that he plays for the Ravens.

This movie made me feel like doing something nice, so I wrote this blog.

Highly Recommended.