Friday, January 15, 2010




Vampires are so in right now.. and I've bought into it.

what an interesting concept for a movie, we're in the year 2019, and 95% of the world is vampires, and there isn't much human blood left, there are companies that farm humans to get their blood. If a vampire goes without blood he starts turning into a Nosferatu lookin vampire, becoming more and more grotesque.

Edward (ethan hawke) is working on a blood substitute so that the world can keep going on, when he stumbles upon some humans who have a cure. His brother, a human farmer, is not happy about it, obviously.

Edward and his new human friends figure out how to replicate the cure and tries to infiltrate the vampire world, the problem with that is that so many Vampires haven't had blood in awhile that they just start attacking everyone... no care about a cure.

I really liked this movie, it's more traditional, vampires can't be in the sun, they feed on humans, and they're huge jerks when they don't feed.. seems like some people I know.

I really liked the futuristic world that they've built to make sure everyone is taken care of, Subway-esqe walkways.


Lovely Bones



This movie is a bummer, it's visiually stunning and a huge downer.

I read this book, and I really enjoyed the story(until the end, but this isn't a review of the book).. To compare the book to the movie, it's missing some of the story line, but I don't think you'd know that while watching the movie unless you read the book. It also felt a little sped up, like they got to the hour and a half mark and we're like "CRAP, we gotta start wrappin this up!"

This movie is about a 14 year old girl who goes missing and who is inevitably murdered, while the family tries to cope with this situation the father starts to freak out and see her everywhere, he also feels like he needs to solve the murder himself, he feels, like most fathers, that the police aren't doing their job.. when he discovers a very odd neighbor who seems to stare a little too long, he starts putting the puzzle pieces together... all the while, the main girl who dies, Susie, is stuck in the inbetween, watching over her family and trying to help them solve the murder.

again, this movie is visually beautiful. The story is pretty good, but felt a little sped up.


Fantastic Mr. Fox


Although I like Wes Anderson movies, I didn't know how I'd feel about this movie, as I'm not a huge fan of George Clooney, and this is animated? I was skeptical.

I'm so glad I saw this movie, It was quite wonderful! I don't remember this book from when I was a kid... so I can't compare it.

I loved all the people in this movie, although I'm surprised that Angelica Houston wasn't Ms. Fox... or in the movie at all, as she's usually a staple in Wes' movies.

This movie is about a fox who loves to be a bandit, when he finds out he'll be a father his wife asks him to quit all the messing around... fast forward to a life with a wife and a young cub, his nephew comes to live with them and he can't help but get into his old tricks.. stealing chickens and cider.. the great heist! when the land owners start learning that Mr. Fox is stealing from them, they go after him at full force. Sparking a huge battle.. This movie goes an the adventure of this Fox family's life time.

This movie is quite hilarious and intriguing, I love that it's stop motion!

highly recommended.

Law Abiding Citizen

I mean, Gerard Butler isn't bad to look at, but this movie wasn't anything that special.

This movie a man who loses his family, wife and daughter, in a home evasion. They're killed in front of him, brutal way to start the movie really. The story moves on to follow the man watching the trials of the killers, one is let go and one is going to be killed.. He doesn't like this so he obviously takes the situation into his own hands.

This movie has some good action scenes, blowing up, people getting killed by cell phones... He kills people while he's locked up in solitary confinement, I mean that's pretty intense.

I wouldn't really recommend this movie if you're looking for something to deep, but the story is easy to follow and visually pretty cool.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sherlock Holmes


Saw this movie with my mom and dad on Christmas, and I enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting something new or original, just something that would hold my interest and make me laugh. This movie did just that.

If you don't know the story of this movie, you got a drug addict of a detective who has a best bud named Dr. Watson who helps the police solve crimes that otherwise had them stumped. His love interest is also a crook, oh the irony.

I don't really have much to say about this movie, I recommend it if you want to see a movie and be entertained. I wouldn't recommend it if you are wanting it to be mind altering.



I love Daniel Day-Lewis, holy shit.

I didn't know much about this movie going into it, but I did know that it had an all star cast of babes and some singing. I saw this movie with my mother and I have to say, it was very excellent.

This movie is the story of Italian director Guido Contini who has made 6 world famous movies and 2 major flops is trying to make his 9th film, with a life full of sex and infidelity he struggles with trying to keep everything together and to make a comeback. Along the way the women that have molded Guido's life come to him in song form. When his wife finally has enough, you see Guido slowly start to realize what he's losing.

There is some singing, some laughs, some sad moments and a lot of scantily clad women in this movie.

Highly Recommended

Did You Hear About the Morgans?


If I was to ever get in trouble for sneaking into movies, I could only blame my mother. After seeing Nine with my mother, we snuck into Did You Hear About The Morgans? It was everything you probably think it would be

it's a classic tale really, couple who is on the outs, finally ready to get a divorce and they witness a crime, have to go into witness protection and then obviously fall back in love. come on, if that really spoiled it for you, then you probably don't see that many movies. I'd have to say my favorite person in the movie is Sam Elliott (the stranger in the big lebowski)

I'm not a huge Hugh Grant fan, and I don't mind SJP, this movie didn't bother me, and I wouldn't say I loved it. I never have to see this movie again, and really, if I wouldn't have snuck in with my mom, I more than likely wouldn't have seen it at all.

not recommended.



If you haven't heard about this movie, you probably live under a rock...

This movie is obviously depressing, we have an overweight young girl living with her alcoholic/abusive mother, who has been raped by her father and then having two of his kids. Teachers just pass her so that no one has to deal with her. She starts going to another school and meets a teacher that has faith in her and the rest of the delinquent girls in her class.... slightly Dangerous Minds-esqe.

Although this movie is winning tons of awards and highly acclaimed, I didn't come away with feeling that this movie would make my top ten of the year.

After seeing Precious, I don't feel like I ever need to see it again, it sorta knocks the wind out of you, kicks you in the shin and spits in your face... and that's how Mariah Carey looks in the movie.

I would recommend you to see this movie if you're looking to be depressed