Friday, January 15, 2010



Vampires are so in right now.. and I've bought into it.

what an interesting concept for a movie, we're in the year 2019, and 95% of the world is vampires, and there isn't much human blood left, there are companies that farm humans to get their blood. If a vampire goes without blood he starts turning into a Nosferatu lookin vampire, becoming more and more grotesque.

Edward (ethan hawke) is working on a blood substitute so that the world can keep going on, when he stumbles upon some humans who have a cure. His brother, a human farmer, is not happy about it, obviously.

Edward and his new human friends figure out how to replicate the cure and tries to infiltrate the vampire world, the problem with that is that so many Vampires haven't had blood in awhile that they just start attacking everyone... no care about a cure.

I really liked this movie, it's more traditional, vampires can't be in the sun, they feed on humans, and they're huge jerks when they don't feed.. seems like some people I know.

I really liked the futuristic world that they've built to make sure everyone is taken care of, Subway-esqe walkways.



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