Friday, January 15, 2010

Lovely Bones


This movie is a bummer, it's visiually stunning and a huge downer.

I read this book, and I really enjoyed the story(until the end, but this isn't a review of the book).. To compare the book to the movie, it's missing some of the story line, but I don't think you'd know that while watching the movie unless you read the book. It also felt a little sped up, like they got to the hour and a half mark and we're like "CRAP, we gotta start wrappin this up!"

This movie is about a 14 year old girl who goes missing and who is inevitably murdered, while the family tries to cope with this situation the father starts to freak out and see her everywhere, he also feels like he needs to solve the murder himself, he feels, like most fathers, that the police aren't doing their job.. when he discovers a very odd neighbor who seems to stare a little too long, he starts putting the puzzle pieces together... all the while, the main girl who dies, Susie, is stuck in the inbetween, watching over her family and trying to help them solve the murder.

again, this movie is visually beautiful. The story is pretty good, but felt a little sped up.



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